Friday, May 21, 2010

Pterosaur wing (2)

So here is a summary
The part of the pterosaur wing "closer to the body (the tenopatagium), was extensively covered by elongated and thick fibres here called pycnofibres."
and it was
"A well-developed integumental covering formed by fibres (here named pycnofibres) that are thicker than the actinofibrils"
"The pycnofibres are further formed by smaller fibrils of unknown nature."


  1. Analogous means it serves the same function, but evolved separately from each other. If bird feathers had evolved from pterosaurs, it would be Homologous. Not analogous.

  2. Remember that the authors of the article are writing from a dino-to-bird perspective. In their minds it is "analogous".
    In fact, it is homologous, as you have said.
    At least they recognize the great similarity between bird feathers and the wing fibers of pterosaurs.
    That is the point I am making.