Friday, December 11, 2015

Different placements of oviraptors and alvarezsaurids

Here are cladograms with oviraptors and/or alvarezsaurids within Euparaves. (Cau et al 2015)
Oviraptors within Euparaves.
Updated dataset of Brusatte et al. (2014).

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Cladogram based on a subset of taxa from Xu et al 2009 study:
Both Alvarezsaurids and Oviraptors within Euparaves.
For details see here.

Cladogram based on all data except Epidexipteryx from Xu et al 2009 study.
Both Alvarezsaurids and Oviraptors within Euparaves. (2009)
Figure S7 of the Xu et al 2009 study using ALL taxa:
Alvarezsaurids within Euparaves. Angolin and Novas (2011)  Figure 1(B)
Alvarezsaurids within Euparaves

From Agnolín and Novas  (2013):
Agnolín and Novas (2013) recovered scansoriopterygids as non-paravian maniraptorans and the sister group to Oviraptorosauria.[11] (Brusatte et al 2014)
Oviraptors within Euparaves. (Also see Figure S2 for more details.)
Notice that Pedopenna is included with Epidexipteryx within Euparaves.,d.dmo (O'Connor and Sullivan 2014)
Zhongornis and Oviraptors within Euparaves.

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