Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feather tracts

Here is some general info on bird feather tracts:
Feather Tracts:
Feathers are not attached to birds in a random manner over the entire body of the bird. Instead they are usually found in often linear tracts celled pterylae. The spaces on the bird's body without feather tracts are referred to as apteria. The densest area for feathers is often on the bird's head and neck.


  1. Looking at skeletons and flight modes, pterosaurs resemble gulls and albatrosses. Similarly, some land dinosaurs resemble ostriches and chickens, and some aquatic dinosaurs resemble penguins.

  2. You are using the word "dinosaur" in an imprecise way.
    Could you restate your point with more precision about which "dinosaur" taxa you are referring to please?

  3. Ornithomimus and ostriches resemble each other, for example.

  4. I had Dolichorhynchops and penguins in mind. Looking more closely at the skeletons, the resemblance now seems superficial, especially the lack of keel and the toes on the feet/rear-flippers.