Friday, October 7, 2011



  • Pterosaur (eg. Azhdarchoidea) --->
  • Primitive shorebird (eg. Graculavus) --> 
  • Modern shorebirds - eg. plovers, oystercatchers, sandpipers (Charadriiformes/Charadrii)  and storks (Ciconiidae)


Shorebird video:
68–62 Ma
Graculavus is a prehistoric bird genus that was described by O. C. Marsh.
Graculavus is the namesake for the form taxon "Graculavidae", a plesiomorphic assembly of unrelated birds that were believed to hold a key position in avian evolution as "transitional shorebirds." Two species are known: Graculavus augustus from the Western Interior Seaway and Graculavus velox from the Atlantic Seaboard.[1]
"However, azhdarchid footprints show that their feet were relatively small, padded and slender, and thus not well suited for wading. We argue that azhdarchids were stork- or ground hornbill-like generalists, foraging in diverse environments for small animals and carrion".

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