Thursday, December 2, 2010

Revised total progression

Total progression

2-3-4-4-x Pterosaur
x-2-3-4-x Primitive bird (maniraptors that are not modern birds)

"The wings of many diurnal birds of prey have a vestigial claw located at the end of the thumb bone."

Concerning the sesamoid:
"We propose instead that the sesamoid in question was originally embedded in the tendon of a pteroid extensor or flexor muscle where it passed over the medial carpal, [actually metacarpal] and that it was pulled into the fovea after death in some specimens as a result of disarticulation of the [meta]carpal–pteroid joint."


  1. your understanding of anatomy is completely wrong

  2. You are mislabelling just about everything.

  3. for instance, you label medial carpals as metacarpals. That is a big deal. If you do this, you either are vastly unstudied in anatomy or you will have to come up with a massive amount of support to back this up. You cannot simply say a medial carpal is a metacarpal and have people accept it without support.

    I question your biological education. What are your qualifications in the area?

  4. I agree that considering the bone that is currently labeled a "medial carpal" to be the metacarpal is a big deal.
    When you study the drawings and pictures that I have provided you see that the "distal synacarpal" is actually the same shape as all 4 distal carpals fused. I invite you to do this comparison yourself. I found it very interesting to do that.
    When the distal syncarpal is seen to include all 4 distal carpals, then we see that the bone that articulates with the syncarpal is shaped like a metacarpal (and not a carpal).
    And this arrangement of carpal, metacarpal and phalanx is of course the usual pattern.
    I am happy to discuss more if you wish.

  5. Have you studied and examined the actual fossils? None of these things youare describing are even similar in form or function

  6. Hello Jesse.
    Can you give an example or two of what you are objecting to?
    If you could talk about the form or function of the bones you are concerned about that would be great.

  7. I am objecting to all of it. You reassigned the anatomy willy nilly with seemingly no anatomical education. Unless you failed all of your anatomy studies, I am certain you have zero education in the subject. Unfortunately, I don't have the ability nor the time, to give you a university level education on the subject.

    For your claims about the metacarpals to be accurate, you're going to have to rewrite centuries of anatomical research.

  8. Hi Jesse.
    Well if things change and you do get time, please come back and present your ideas.