Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where are the modern birds?

If we look carefully at the Senter scatterplot we find an interesting thing.
Modern birds are not on the chart!
The "birdlike cluster" is just that - BIRDLIKE. But not birds in the sense of modern birds.
If modern birds were on the chart, would we see them as another cluster?
It is interesting to wonder what standard dino to bird theory would predict.
If anyone has an opinion on this I would be very interested.

There is another interesting thing about the Senter scatterplot.
To understand this we need some background. As people may know evolutionists place modern birds as a member of Aves.
But let's take a look at the scatterplot and the legend beneath it. The legend says that the violet dots are Archaeopteryx (31) and "other Aves" (32 and 33).
32 is Sapeornis. 33 is Confuciusornis.
This confirms what I had said about the missing modern birds. Even though the legend says "other Aves" the cluster does not include modern birds. It leaves out the most significant Aves creatures, the modern birds (neornithes). The group is actually "non-neornithine Aves".
The reason this is very significant is because evolutionists have never offered any creatures (any taxa) as the actual ancestor of modern birds. If Senter had put modern birds on the scatterplot he would have faced that issue. But he did not face up to it.

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