Friday, August 27, 2010

The long and winding road

I have been pointing out that the "birdlike cluster" is not related to the "tyrannosaur cluster". But the situation is actually more interesting than that.
In every cladogram that purports to show an evolution from dinosaur to bird, we find the following:
The dino-to-bird enthusiasts place non-flying creatures like the Ornithomimosauria, Therizinosauridae and Oviraptorosauria between the dinosaurs (eg. tyrannosaurs) and the birds.
The idea is that terrestrial dinosaurs evolved into terrestrial, feathered creatures which then evolved into flying birds.
But take a look at the Senter scatterplot. Trace the line that is imagined to have occurred between these groups, supposedly winding its way to the birdlike cluster.
It is a wandering line between groups that are not connected.
The dino-to-bird idea is completely incompatible with the evidence from the Senter study.

For those who might like to have this spelled out, the dino to bird purported sequence would roughly go from the red points to the pink points, backtrack to the olive points, over to the green points, over to the blue points and then backtrack to the violet points. Quite a fantastic, supposed journey.
When the data is accurately charted like this we see that the dino to bird idea is simply incorrect.

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